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The Problem

Talented Athletes Often Fail...

 To reach their full potential on the field. This results in underachievement such as missed opportunities at the plate or even obtaining scholarships to a desired university. They unknowingly sabotage themselves because of their inability to resolve internal and external conflicts. 

They experience repeated failure because they have not resolved the gap between sports failure and self-evaluation.  Frustration and poor attitude accentuates problems that result in weak interpersonal relationships and the inability to relate with others well, including team members, coaches, and parents. 

Why Is This Happening?

Numerous talented athletes fail to achieve their full potential  in sports for multiple reasons:

1) The absence of an inner drive and dedication to a desired goal

2) Participation in sports groups lacking discipline and unity 

3) Limited coaching mentors who they can relate to and speak into their lives

The Solution

First Place Sports Is...

 A mentorship coaching program that focuses on the intersection of technical skill and game-ready mentality. We uncover hidden fears that block success by resolving verbal and non-verbal communication breakdowns while discovering the athletes' peak skills to compete under pressure. Through this process we help them become more confident which increases their performance in games....First Place Sports provides a vision of future opportunities in sports based on the athlete's desires and goals. 

We create a tailored plan to achieve these goals using interactive assignments and milestones while coaching time management skills and prioritization. It has been said that we are the "John Wooden” for female athletes-incorporating life skills that promote success on and off the field.  

 With a training program in place, tailored specifically for you (the athlete or coach), we interactively work together to take you (and your team) to higher athletic performance levels in practice and sports competition.

How We Can Help

Identify the Need

All athletes face roadblocks. Experts say the mind can either create motivation or cause defeat. We begin by discovering your capabilities and uncovering hidden talents. 

We are Your Solution

Why walk alone through obstacles when you could have a coach outside the lines who is coaching, training and supporting you the entire way! Connect with us and we can help you explore the essentials needed to have a winning approach to your sport. 

Start Today!

Do not lose another game because you were not prepared! Begin a plan of excitement and vision for yourself! Say good-bye to mental blocks and hello to break though today!


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My Name Is Lori Shimasaki...

With a diverse playing and coaching background, I have walked in your shoes at least one time or another. Once player, now coach, I have been on the "other side" and I'm here to coach and bridge the gaps of developmental sports training in various ways.

Growing up, I loved sports. Softball chose me. I played travel ball, high school, and even took lessons. Tons of lessons! From pitching to hitting lessons on week nights  and tournaments on weekends. I know the pressures you may be feeling or a sense of being overwhelmed. It's normal...don't worry! I've been there....

College was a ride! I was blessed with two very different perspectives on college life and playing ball.  Coaching was a natural transition after graduation. I couldn't walk away from the sport that I love! 

Coaching is a special position. I see it as an interactive way to teach and transform lives. It's a tool that teaches skill improvement along with player development. I am the "coach outside the lines", your big sis who's been there before and knows what you're capable of being: GREAT! 

Softball has been the anchor of my travels; from Oklahoma, California, Nebraska, and Michigan!  I have truly embraced my journey of personal growth through sports. It has taught me so many valuable life lessons along the way.  Many of which can propel you to the next level. This program will not only impact your game, but transform your life!

First Place Sports

Dedicated Educators

Learning comes alive when you have the right coach who can bring passion, first hand knowledge, and a listening ear to the table. With over a decade of growing relationships with the next generation athlete, coupled with a background in organizational sports management, you will be sure to benefit tremendously in your game. We value the learner in you and have been equipped to lead, challenge and educate the powerful mind of an athlete.

Unique Program

Are you a high school freshman looking for tips to navigate the ways of a new team? Perhaps a junior looking to get signed. Would you like to learn how to handle tough teammates in college or boost your confidence when competing for a spot on the field? We offer a variety of practical action plans tailored specifically for YOU! Our program is designed to prepare you for your next step in your athletic career, whatever that may be.

Beyond Success

We believe in the nurturing of the mind. Talent is displayed mentally and physically. Game ready. Shoes on. Mind alert. You will experience results when you are prepared. Through the eyes of an athlete we see your drive, commitment and passion for the game. Through the eyes of a coach we see greatness in your future. Our goal is to guide you to success on the field while subsequently preparing you for life outside the lines. Now that is a true home run.

"Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character." -John Wooden


There is no competition greater than the one you face in the mirror each day. 

Stare yourself down and say "I am a game changer-I will do the impossible."

Why Join Us Today

Stay Ahead of the Game

Have you discovered what others have ignored? Be the one who sets your talent apart from the crowd and get ready to shine on the big sports stage!

Flex Your Secret Weapon

When you train your mind to eliminate fear, a higher level of thinking will take your game to the next level automatically.

We are a Team

Top athletes train to be excellent on the field and their game mentality is sharp!  Sports training for the mind and body are critical. Coaching an athlete to peak performance takes skill and patience. Challenge yourself and your sports team with this unique sports training program!

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